Goal 1: Social Welfare and Community Development (SWCD)

Running Project List:

Sl No. Name of Project Click for View Click for Download
001 Prochesta (a project for improving the health and social condition of the vulnerable urban/semi-urban poor youths)  view-docimages dwn
002 Momota (Improving the Health, Nutrition and Social Security of Babies and Working Mothers of Dhaka/Chittagong City Suburbs) view-docimages dwn
003 Socio-economic Reintegration Support to Returnees of Bangladesh from the Belgium view-docimages dwn
004 Sustainable Approach for Fairness and Equity (SAFE) Project view-docimages dwn
005 Progoti: Initiatives towards Establishing the Rights of Extreme Poor view-docimages dwn
006  Sanghoti (Integration): A Project for Promoting Health, Economic and Psycho-social Condition of Vulnerable poor People of Khulna City view-docimages dwn
007 SMILE-Social Network of Marginalised People: Initiatives to Enhance Quality of Life and Equity view-docimages dwn
008 LIFE (Jibon): Livelihood Improvement through Formation and Education view-docimages dwn
009 Support Assisting Improved Living (SAIL) for the Women and Children under-6 in three Slums in Dhaka  Metropolitan City view-docimages dwn
010 Justice and Peace Program (JPP) view-docimages dwn
011 Development Initiative for People with Disability (DIPD) view-docimages dwn
012 Projatna: A Project for Attention and Special Care for the Elderly view-docimages dwn
013 Prattay: Child Care and Education in Disability view-docimages dwn
014 Setting up of Inclusive Communities for Senior Citizens, People with Disabilities and Drug Addicts in Bangladesh (SDDB) view-docimages dwn
015 Promoting Safe Migration and the Rights of Bangladeshi Migrant Workers Project view-docimages dwn
016 Community Empowerment Initiatives of Building Solidarity and Peace for Protecting Religious Freedom (PRF-CFLI) view-docimages dwn
017 Caritas Employees Solidarity Fund view-docimages dwn
018 Discretionary Fund view-docimages dwn
019 Delegated Fund for Welfare and Integral Development view-docimages dwn
020 Psychosocial and Livelihood Support for the Injured Workers and Their Children of Rana Plaza view-docimages dwn
021 Support to the Fire Victims/ Injured Workers & Closest Relatives of Dead Workers of Tazreen Fashion, Savar, Dhaka view-docimages dwn
022 Self-Reliance and Education Support to the Closest Relatives of Unidentified Dead Workers’ Families of Rana Plaza view-docimages dwn
023 Self-Reliance Support to One of the Closest Relatives of the Dead Workers of Tazreen Fashion, Savar view-docimages dwn
024 Management of Long Term Support /Education for the Children of Dead and Missing Workers of Tazreen Fashion through Direct Payment and Bank Deposit view-docimages dwn
025 Teg-O-Sheba Abhijan (TOSA) or Lenten Campaign view-docimages dwn
026 CORR The Jute Works view-docimages dwn
027 Caritas Micro Finance Program (CMFP) view-docimages dwn
   Case studies

 Phase out Project List

Sl No. Name of Project Click for View Click for Download
001   view-docimages dwn


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