Social Welfare for Vulnerable Communities


Goal 1: Eradicate Poverty and Socio-Economic Development of Vulnerable Communities



  • Increase Household Income above US$1.25 per Person a Day
  • Access to Environment-friendly Own House and Homestead Land
  • Establish Social Security, Human Rights, Dignity and Empowerment
  • Social Welfare for Senior Citizens, Disabled, Street Children, Transgender, Dalits and Vulnerable Communities
  • Improvement of the Quality of Life of the Urban Poor, Marginalized, Vulnerable Communities & Slum Dwellers
  • Promote Socio-Economic and Livelihood Development of the Migrants at Home (Beauty Parlor workers, Garments workers, Domestic workers, Transgender, Sex workers, Street Children, etc.) and Abroad and the Undocumented Returnees.

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